In 1976, SPC started its business as a punching/drilling bits manufacturer and currently turned to be a keeper of Punching & Binding machine industry. SPC has always stood out as a company that has continually deve- loped new products.

For more than the last 30 years, SPC has developed only the best of industrial Paper Punching & Book binding Machinery, and with the accumulated technology they have provided customers with very reliable and approved quality products through many thousand global sales careers of new concepts totally different from other ordinary machines. They are the world?�s only firm to produce the ultimate Heavy-Duty Paper Punching/ Drilling Machines and Paper Punching/Drilling bits together.

SPC is still striving for developing more convenient and innovative products for business efficiency. Moreover, SPC will work to become the genuine leader in this cutting-edge industrial realm by creating a desirable corporate culture for the new millennium era.

Subsequently SPC’s ongoing development will allow cost savings for Global Stationery, Office Equipment and Printing Industries.

– 1976 Founded Samsung Punch Co. Industrial Punching Pins & Molds Manufacture
– 1991 Manual Heavy-duty Punching Machine Development
– 1993 High capacity Hollow drill bit Development
– 1994 Electric Heavy-duty Paper Driller (Filepecker-lll) Development
– 1995 Incorporated SPC Co., Ltd.
– 1996 Awarded the Bronze prize of Seoul International Stationery Fair
– 1998 Selected as the Promising & Excellent Middle-size Firm by Korea Chamber of Medium      Industry Promotion Corporation Awarded Grand prize by Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Seoul International Fair
– 1999 Acquired ISO 9001 Certification – 2001 Established Qingdao SPC China
– 2005 Established Qingdao SPC Life Co., China
– 2006 Approved Hi-Tech inventory Company from Chinese Government
– 2008 Approved R&D Lab. From Korean Government