Peach is the latest chapter in one of the office product industry’s most interesting success stories. As a young boy its founder, Dr. Ueli Wolfensberger, keenly watched his grandfather develop the family business. Established in 1907, and still operating today, JF Pfeiffer became very successful by collecting exclusive office product dealerships throughout Switzerland. Keen to make his own mark on the industry, Dr Wolfensberger set up IBICO, a famos manufacturer of laminating and binding products, in 1970. As with his grandfather’s business, success soon followed and positioned IBICO as a world leader in its market. The main driving force behind IBICO’s success had been to provide customers with products of the highest quality at the lowest price. To achieve this, it was necessary to develop rare high tech sources around the world .However, in 1997 Dr. Ueli Wolfensberger sold the company and turned his attentions to new global ventures. As a result, Peach Office Products Ltd. was founded in 1999. Peach combines deep rooted industry knowledge and sourcing competence with the capability of today’s technology. Significant investment has gone into rigorous research and development in both Switzerland and the Far East to perfect and deliver three different product lines. The results so far have been met with great acclaim: Calculators – the answer to estimation, Imaging Supplies – the look of imagination and document finishing – the art of presenting. This three product lines form the background of the Peach Company.